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Aerial and Lidar Surveys
Our Service provides a fusion of technology with ideas and solutions
Do you need updated DTM's and Orthophotos for the Planning and Environmental Departments of your Mine?
Do you need data for exploration and prospecting?
Do you require updated Maps of your Urban and Rural Areas?
Do you need digital orthophoto and contour data for your GIS?
Would you like to manage the infrastructure of your City in 3D?
Do you need solutions for the inventory of Forests?
Do you need detailed and 3D information for Land Management?
We understand that the aerial photography mission is not the end product.  Together with Hansa Luftbild, we offer our clients extensive consulting services in the fields of
geographic information systems
actual use, biotope mapping
natural resources management planning
regional planning, protection of open areas
agriculture and forestry
forestry inventory, forest damage assessment
property cadastre
hazardous waste cadastre, dump monitoring
site & area analysis (eg wind energy)
flood plain mapping
river, stream water quality mapping
project management
GIS training and implementation
document management system
Land is rich in information and let us capture this world for you in 3D!
aerial photography (analogue and digital), laser scanning, thermal scanning
development of aerial film for all standard processes
scanning of analogue aerial photos
geo-referencing of photo data:  directly through an inertial navigation system or through aerial triangulation
othophoto rectification and image mosaicking
production of digital terrain models (DTM) using laser scanned data or auto-correlated aerial photos
restitution in 2D or 3D of digital or analogue data
data processing for all standards and systems

A high-accuracy laser rangefinder is mounted over an opening in the aircraft floor. The rangefinder scans beneath the aircraft, producing a wide swath over which the distance to the ground is measured. The angle at which the laser is scanned is also measured.


  • Surveillance and monitoring of high tension overhead power lines
  • Topographic terrain surveying including forest areas
  • Vegetation height measurements
  • Mapping of mudflats and coastlines and assessment of coastal erosion
  • Flood plain mapping and simulation of floods

    Before floods After flooding
  • Monitoring of ground surface subsidence and degradation
  • Creation of 3D city models for telecommunication network planning and noise control
  • Planning of road, railway, pipeline and cable routes
  • Volume control of open pit mines and refuse dumps
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Its not just about travelling
its a way of life